French Gals

 Our adult Frenches are the best things since sliced bread. They are the hand picked jewels of a very dear friend and her husband. They were adding to the kennel that they had and asked if we would be interested in these four girls. They may have not been bound for the big show in New York, but everyday we get a real show of love and appreciation from them. We are focusing high quality pets and not show dogs. We can still raise a show dog prospect, but it is not our focus as of now. We give all of our adult Frenches lots of T.L.C. and room to run. They have stalls that have heat and air condition. I love to indulge them and pamper them to no end. They dress up nearly every day and one of them gets to lay around the house with us for the day. Nutrition is very important to us since the expected puppies are so greatly affected. Litter size and health are totally dependent on the mothers body condition, and the recovery time of the mom after pups are weaned is greatly shorter. We maintain a worming schedule with regular vaccinations and periodic vet visits.


                                                                                  Is full of life and loves being a Mommy


 Shy Anne is a quite type, she gets along with everyone and is happy wherever you find her.






                                                          This girl loves to bounce and play



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