About Us

       Hello, my name is Kathy Darter, you have come to my web pages and I am very pleased that you are a visitor to my kennel even if it is just through the internet. When my Husband am I came back to southern Missouri in 1988, we dreamed of building a farm and home that would support our family and provide a place of refuge for those that we cared for. Little did we know that within 25 years we would have such history and stories to tell. It has not been easy or had every day filled with joy, but what keeps us focused is our love of family and friends. Our Good Lord Jesus has sustained us through many trials. And as I look back in retrospect I know that we are doing a work that I love and enjoy, my dogs have become an anchor to me, and a place that I can go when I need some extra love that does not need much in return. The fun I have is beyond measure, it fills my heart and I can spread it to everyone.

       We first moved to the southern Missouri town of  Cabool in 1984. My husband had called it home for years and it is where we met. After getting married we made a few moves, and finally decided that no matter where we settled, it would take a lot of work to achieve our big dreams, and the closer to family the better. My husband fell in love with the view that you see above when he was a boy playing on this hill at his grandfathers home place. With his dads help, we built our home and started our own home story. With many years on the road Tod grew tired of all the travel and never being home when trouble came to visit. He was given the chance to come home and stay by working with people with disabilities. We have transitioned and now I can pursue a dream of mine with his help. Our dogs represent a great deal to us. I had worked as a dog groomer at a large kennel for a year or two. And decided that we could let our own dog have a litter of golden retrievers. It became apparent that this would be something my daughter and I could do together and our goal was only to be able to enjoy the rewards together. After a few years and lots of puppies, I new that a small program was all I needed.  I have stepped up to a high quality,low volume program, thanks to a blessing from a dear friend and the help of my husband, I am producing a very high quality puppy and as such you are able to benefit from the high level of attention that your puppy will receive. Our dogs are like my kids now or at least I treat them as if they are. And now that my human kids are pretty well grown, and I really enjoy playing with all of them.  


Cabool, MO. is in the central U.S. it about 3 hours drive from St. Louis, MO. and just 1 hour east from Springfield MO.


 We use premium air service to deliver most of our puppies. Our transportation expert delivers the puppies to the airport and sees them onto the plane. If you prefer to pick up your puppy at our home it will be fine with us. Just call ahead and we will set some extra plates on the dinner table.


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