Kbella French Bulldogs

French Bulldog Puppy Contract
Kbella french bulldogs
690 pea ridge rd
Cabool mo
Full payment of a purchased puppy constitutes agreement to this contract/guarantee.
Our puppies are sold with a 10 day guarantee against communicable disease that is life threatening, this
guarantee starts on the day of arrival to Purchaser.
The puppy is guaranteed until it's 1 year birthday against congenital defect resulting in the death of the
No other conditions are covered.
This guarantee is non-transferable.
This guarantee is forfeited by purchaser if puppy is fed a high protein - low carb diet which causes liver
enzyme increases and kidney problems.
All veterinarian expenses are the sole responsibility of the Purchaser and will not be paid by the Breeder.
As soon as the puppy is delivered all care expenses become the responsibility of the Purchaser.
All sales are final and no cash refunds will be issued, Breeder offers replacement puppy only.
Purchaser is responsible for paying for any and all diagnostic tests or necropsy in the event of illness or
death of the puppy. A necropsy by a licensed veterinarian will need to be performed to make a claim of
death, necropsy results will need to be forwarded to the Breeder and the Breeder's veterinarian for
examination before replacement puppy is sent. Breeder's veterinarian reserves the right to have
consultation with Purchaser's veterinarian if deemed necessary.
Replacement puppy will be of the same value as original purchased puppy..
All registration papers must be signed and returned to Breeder before replacement puppy is sent.
Puppies are not guaranteed to win any titles whether they are show or pet quality.
Guarantee is null and void if puppy is bred before it's first birthday.
No puppies will be released until full payment has been cleared.
Puppies will be transported to Purchaser after they are 8 weeks of age. Transportation dates are
dependent on temperatures and flight/routing schedules. Breeder will transport the puppy at the first
available opportunity.
Puppies are immune compromised so please keep your puppy away from public places until you have
received permission from your veterinarian that it is safe to do so. Breeder can not guarantee a healthy
puppy if the puppy is exposed to outside disease that may be contracted from pet parks and retail stores.
Any litigation concerning listed puppy will take place inside Texas County, Missouri.
Puppy's Nickname: Jackson___________________ Birth date: 7-15-2013_______________ Gender: _male______________
By signing below, you the Purchaser agree to the puppy contract as printed.
Purchaser: ______________________________________________ Date: __KD

Kathy  darter

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